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About Northampton OsteopathsAbout Northampton Osteopaths

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Kalla made the move from the City of London law offices to Osteopathy by chance and has since loved treating and improving her patient’s health since August 2008. 

Patients are surprised to hear that chronic conditions that have been debilitating and depressing are of a musculo-skeletal nature and can be significantly improved with only few treatment sessions with me.....honestly!  
Kalla particularly like the challenge of treating and creating specific rehabilitation programmes for these chronic conditions and  junior/elite/amateur/occasional athlete and she devises a specific rehab programme for every individual that usually brings great recovery results very quickly if the advice is followed.

 "I can't help myself - I will show every patient at least one exercise to speed up recovery!"

Kalla's practice thrives mostly on recommendations and referrals and  includes a variety of patients and each one that brings a new challenge is relished whilst she begins calculating a treatment programme from day one.  

"I like to be open and honest about the treatment process and what it will involve and will advise roughly how many treatments we are looking at.  Rarely does even a complicated muscular issues take more than 3-4 sessions without significant improvement but I do advise people that have repetitive actions in their jobs to have a regular 8-10 weekly treatment (like a mini service) - it makes a huge difference to their general well-being".

Children are treated in a fun and friendly environment and emphasis is on keeping them happy throughout the treatment process.  Young children just do not sit still so the osteopath plays with them and moves with them where needed.

Kalla is registered with the General Osteopathic Council - click here for details.


Kalla is available Tuesday 9-5pm, Thurs 12-8pm, Friday 9-5pm and alternate Saturdays for walk-ins and appointments (call for details)

Based at St Leonards Road, Far Cotton, Northampton with plenty of parking, the experts at Northampton Osteopaths can help to diagnose and treat a range of illnesses, ailments and problems and get you back on your feet. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 01604 700508 or email us.